International Student Work Permit

Without a doubt, you must have many inquiries regarding the international student work permit in Canada. At a point when you are a foreign student in Canada, you ought to know that despite having a student visa, and that foreign student can work in Canada, not all study programs grant you to work in Canada.

Work Permit Programs for International students

There are three sorts of study programs in Canada that offer a work permit. So you can apply for one of the numerous international student jobs in Canada.

Technical Programs
Technical Programs or vocational programs are intended to prepare you for market-oriented skills. Upon mastering the skills under the vocational training programs in Canada, you get a “specialized” degree there, which permits you to straightforwardly explore the Canadian job market.

College Programs
College programs in Canada are extremely fluctuating, and there are various public and private organizations to seek after them. Be that as it may, the choice may likewise be founded on different variables, like the typical cost of living or the admission necessities of every university.

Cooperative Education Programs
These Co-op education programs are exceptionally planned so you have a working experience in the area before working in the Canadian labor markets.

Work Permits for International students

Part-time work Permit
A Part-time work permit you can get assuming you must enroll in one of the study programs mentioned above. There are two approaches to work: On-campus work (without a work permit) and Off-campus (with a work permit) This permit allows you to remain working in Canada after completing your education.

Post-graduation work Permit (PGWP)

Post-graduation work permit (PGWP) is a permit that you can only obtain if you have studied at a public college. A Post-Graduation Work Permit gives you opportunities to score points to apply for a permanent residency. 

How to get a work permit as an international student?

If you are an international student in Canada, you can easily get a work permit by following these simple steps:

Register in a study program
Firstly, get admission to the right appropriate study program to obtain a Canadian work permit.

Apply for a student visa  
Secondly, follow the process to apply for a student visa.  

Apply for a work permit
Thirdly, apply for a work permit. For this, you must ensure that you have the necessary valid documents while applying for a work permit.