Things You Need To Know About Life In Canada As An International Student

If you’re planning to move to Canada as an international student or have been accepted and planning your move, you’re likely to be curious about life in Canada as an international student. From how to get a study permit to everything in between, we will have you covered. Here, we answer all the burning questions International students have about studying in Canada.

How to get the study permit?

To get a study permit in Canada, one requires a letter of acceptance from a chosen learning institution. One is also required to be interviewed by an official in their country or get a medical examination or a police verification certificate.

To stand eligible for the study permit, the applicant is required to exhibit proof of funds to support education in Canada. The amount should be at least $10000 on top of the tuition fees. One can showcase the proof funds in Canadian bank under their name, a guaranteed investment certificate, proof of study loan, bank statements, a document proving funding from the scholarship.

Is an international student eligible for scholarships?

The good news is yes. In Canada, a foreign student is also eligible for scholarships and financial support. Always remember the funding is not guaranteed and one has to do some research on what one is eligible for and how to apply.

Many programs offer a graduate attending Canadian university scholarships. One should contact their institution’s financial aid office to understand the possible avenues.

How to find accommodation?

While most of the schools offer residential services to foreign students. In case your college does not offer housing or you are not able to get one on time then ask your school’s international student office to help you with accommodation on rent in the vicinity.

How can one get access to Canadian healthcare?

Most of the Canadian provinces cover the medical costs of foreign students through provincial health insurance while others are required to purchase private health insurance. Also, most school offers mandatory private health insurance coverage for foreign students.

Can an international student work in Canada?

If you wish to work in Canada to support your school fees or to get relevant job experience, then you must know that one can work but are limited to where and how much one is allowed to. Foreign students are generally permitted to work on campus if it is mentioned in their study permit not before or after their course. First, the student is required to apply for a Social Insurance Number then they can apply to work on campus or can work up to 20 hours a week off-campus.