Canadian Permanent Resident

Canada is an extraordinary decision for immigrants because of multiple reasons. Canada holds top ranks around the world concerning its per capita income. It is nothing unexpected that it additionally holds the spot for being the tenth biggest economy in the world.

Why Canada Permanent Resident (PR)?

Having a Canadian PR is the same as having study and work permits consolidated. You get to work anywhere in Canada. In addition, with a PR close by, you can likewise continue and apply for citizenship.

Let’s walk through the means that can ultimately get you a Canadian PR visa through improved immigration programs.

Immigrating to Canada: PR Programs

There are a few Canadian immigration programs that can get you a PR. You can apply for various programs in which your profile meets the essential eligibility benchmark. 

Skilled Immigrants Program (Express Entry)

The Canadian Express Entry program is where you can use your abilities and work experience. To qualify, you should fall in the right age category, have adequate skills, and prove that you have sufficient funds to help yourself and your dependents.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

Subcategory of the express entry system where the applicants who hold skilled work experience can apply. You should fulfill other prerequisites: age, language proficiency, training and education, and valid work experience.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)

This program is for individuals who need to become permanent residents by utilizing specific expertise in industrial, electrical, construction, and so on. You genuinely must have no less than 2 years of work experience in that specific program when you apply.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Aside from your abilities, to be qualified for the program, it is obligatory for you to have Canadian work experience of at least one year in the recent 5 years.

Start-up Business visa

You can decide to apply for a Canadian visa if you have a business idea. In any case, this thought of yours shouldn’t simply help you yet, in addition, to open work opportunities in Canada.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

This application is for anybody who’s looking for a Canadian PR particularly to reside in Quebec. You should get a Quebec Selection Certificate which shows that the territory has acknowledged you as a newcomer.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

In the PNP program, you ought to demonstrate that your abilities will be significant to a specific province or territory in Canada. Your application ought to either be paper-based together or online-based.


There are a couple of essential records that you’ll require like a decent IELTS score alongside an ECA (Instruction Qualification Evaluation), evidence of assets, age proof, pay slips and reference letters.

Processing Time

Your CRS score is likewise a significant game changer for the total time taken to process your application. The more your CRS score is, the quicker you’ll get the (ITA). It might take somewhere near 4 to 6 months to finish the process.

Calculating CRS scores

By and large, your age, Canadian work experience, education, and language exam scores could assume a significant part. If your scores are great, you will be getting an ITA.

Canada PR Visa Fee

The Canadian PR visa fee relies upon the immigration program that you are applying under. For example, if applying for PR status under the express entry stream, you ought to anticipate that your total cost should be under $1325 CAD.