Canadian Immigration Programs

Canada is increasing the Canadian immigration targets to 1.3 million people in 2022-2024, with many possibilities for potential immigrants. Canada is one of the most desired places to immigrate, but only those who fit a profile or have connections will be able to apply. Canada is not a country that you can enter with one simple process. There are many different programs available for Canadian immigration, and the process can take a significant amount of time.

These are the four most popular ways for overseas applicants for Canadian immigration in 2022.

Express Entry

Canada’s Express Entry immigration program is the fastest and most popular option for newcomers. Candidates that apply under this system can receive their permanent residency status as soon as six months later. Over the next three years, Canada plans to invite over 240,000 immigrants through the three Canadian immigration streams of the Express Entry Plan.

Provincial Nominee Programs

When the pandemic was ongoing, provinces continued to nominate overseas workers for permanent residence in Canada. This year, Canada plans to welcome 84,000 immigrants through PNPs. However, many different nominee programs have varying eligibility criteria for Canada’s ten provinces. For example, some programs require connections with the province to apply, while others accept international applicants under their own authority.

Business Immigration

If you have experience managing or owning your own business, the quickest way to Canadian immigration might be through a federal or provincial business immigration program.

Business immigration programs typically require a substantial investment in the company you plan to start in Canada. The amount required will depend on the business immigration program you’re interested in. Many PNPs have regional entrepreneur programs that allow people who want to start a business in a less populated area to do so with less money.


If one of your immediate family members lives in Canada permanently, you may get Canadian immigration. In addition, if you have a spouse who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, maybe you’re eligible for family sponsorship.