Work in Canada

If you are just graduated with a degree from the University of Canada and you are not up for staying in Canada afterward, you could write your application for a work permit. Yes, you heard it right! The work permit will allow you to work in Canada for a temporary period through Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

What is the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP)?

The Canadian Government’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) permits the Canadian designated learning institutions’ graduates to work and gain experience in Canada. PGWP makes the work in Canada process a little easier. Learn how it works and how to apply for PGWP

How to Apply for PGWP?

1. Check Eligibility

While applying for a post-graduation work permit, you must be within Canada. Right after your graduation, you have around 6 months to apply. Make sure, you are only able to work in Canada if you have valid or unexpired study and work permits. Don’t wait till the announcement of the semester results.

You qualify for PGWP if you;

  • Have studied in a Canadian college, institution, university, or trade school.
  • Have graduated from a Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs)
  • Have had studied a program at least for 8 months
  • Have been a full-time Canadian student of a program

If you are outside of Canada and want to apply for a PGWP, you can do so by showing approval for a study permit.

2. Be Ready with Documents

PGWP documents include the following;

  • Graduation degree/diploma/certificate.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the institution
  • Original or a copy of Transcript

There could be more required documents asked during the application process.

3. Keep a Time Track of your Application

The timeframe within which you can submit your PGWP application is limited. Either you can apply during those 6 months of receiving the Canadian university degree or even before the study permit expiration period. As the processing time is not the same for every candidate. Therefore, it is better to apply as soon as you get your degree.

4. Apply for PGWP

You can choose to apply for the PGWP either online or offline. It depends on whether you are within Canada or outside.

Due to the benefits attached to PGWP online application, the majority of applicants apply through the online mode. You can also choose to apply offline if you are in Canada or outside Canada through a courier. But it is a well-tried suggestion to apply for PGWP online as the processing is faster and also you can keep a track of your PGWP application status.