Permanent Resident Card in Canada

Canada is the most favoured destination to live, settle and work. This is why people choose to get a Canada permanent residence card. In a legal context, there is no such thing as a Canada Green card which is why Canada has its rendition of a Green Card known as a Canada Permanent Residency (PR) Card that entitles you to get permanent resident status in Canada.

Any foreign-born person who wants to immigrate to Canada but is not a Canadian citizen is given a PR card. Even though you can apply for citizenship, having permanent residency enables you to live and work anywhere in Canada, as well as travel in and out at will.

Perks of having a Canada PR card

  • Health care coverage and other social benefits
  • Family sponsorship benefits
  • Choose to live and work anywhere in Canada.
  • Protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms the Canadian law.
  • Eligible for Canadian citizenship.

You can gain a PR card in Canada through one of these 4 methods. Let’s look at the process for becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

Independent or Skilled Worker Immigration

As implied by the name, a skilled worker is one who has skills that are valuable to the Canadian labour market. These people typically have advanced degrees, and relevant work experience followed by useful skills.  A point system is used to evaluate applicants, and to be eligible for the skilled worker program, they must receive a certain number of points.

Business Immigration

Self-employed individuals or traders can practice under business immigration. They can set up or buy an enterprise in Canada through investor and commercial enterprise visas. In addition, such persons require a sure entrepreneur experience and ought to be capable to make a contribution to the economic system with the aid of investment.

Family Class Immigration

The category is open to those applicants who have a relative, family member, or spouse in Canada. Through Family Class Sponsorship, you can immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience class asks for a work permit or a study permit combined with language proficiency in either English or French. Individuals must also be acquainted with the Canadian labor market dynamics and society.

How to maintain a Permanent Residency in Canada?

To maintain a Canadian permanent residency, you must adhere to certain rules;

  • Need to reside in Canada for at least 730 days every 5 years.
  • Need to carry your PR card while traveling outside Canada