Guide to Immigrating to Canada

Canada is an excellent destination for recent graduates because of numerous reasons. The country’s low unemployment rate, high standard of living, and limitless options attract not only skilled workers, and entrepreneurs but also fresh graduates.  

Here are a few options to think about if you recently graduated from a foreign post-secondary institution and are considering moving to Canada as a recent graduate!

Express Entry Programs

Canada’s fastest and most well-liked immigration route is Express Entry. To immigrate, you must have at least one year of work experience, either in Canada or overseas, in addition to other minimum criteria. Moreover, the full-time equivalent of any part-time employment you did while studying abroad may be used to determine your eligibility.

Furthermore, the experience had to have been compensated. It is not a given that you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency just because you are qualified to submit a profile. Requirements like a valid job offer from Canada, Canadian work experience, language skills and proficiency, and more can accelerate the chances of your success.

Canadian Study Permit

It is profitable to consider earning another post-secondary certificate in Canada if you lack the required work experience for Express Entry. Canada is regarded as one of the best countries in the world for international students and provides quality education that is widely acknowledged.

You may also qualify for a Post-Graduate Work Permit by completing a Canadian post-secondary certification at a Designated Learning Institute (DLI). You will be able to work anywhere in Canada with the visa, acquiring experience that will be beneficial when you seek permanent residency.

Business Immigration

For entrepreneurs looking to create a new company or purchase an existing one in the area, each province runs its own nomination programs. Each program’s minimal eligibility standards and entrepreneur immigration procedure are unique. The first thing you should do if you want to start a business in Canada as a recent graduate is to look into the eligibility requirements of the province where you want to live.

At least two years of relevant management or business ownership experience are necessary for several provinces. Alberta, for example, offers a program for aspiring entrepreneurs who are recent international grads. These programs often just require 6 months or less of job experience.

The Canadian government also provides an immigration program called the Start-Up Visa for some cutting-edge companies that can help Canada compete on a global scale.