Canadian Study Visas

If you wish to come to Canada to study as an international student, you must first get a study permit. A study permit enables international students to reside legally in Canada while enrolled in a recognized institution of higher learning.

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What is Canadian Study Permit?

A foreign national may enroll in academic programs at Canadian institutions with the help of a Canadian study permit. For any foreign nationals to lawfully study in Canada, regardless of whether they are enrolled in elementary, secondary, college, university, or another institution, they must have a Canadian study permit. Foreign nationals will only be granted Canadian study visas if they can demonstrate that they will be attending a DLI.

What is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)?

A DLI (Designated Learning Institution) is an educational institution that has received approval from the Canadian government to admit foreign nationals into their study programs.

Study Permit Validity

The duration of a study permit’s validity depends on the program of study at the time of application. The student must request an extension of the study permit if the program changes or the student switches to a longer-lasting program. Regardless of the date on the permit, the study permit expires 90 days after the student completes their studies.

Study Permit Requirements

A foreign national studying with a Canadian study permit must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be enrolled in a DLI
  • Intent to complete a program
  • Comply with rules and criteria listed on the study permit
  • stop studying if they no longer meet the requirements
  • leave Canada when the permit expires

How Do I get a Study Permit?

Before you receive a Canadian study permit, you need to have a valid acceptance letter issued by a DLI in Canada. In addition, candidates must meet other eligibility requirements that are as follows;

  • Travel Document
  • Sufficient Funds
  • Demonstrate by paying the student fees for your first year of study as outlined by the DLI;
  • Meet all expenses for the first year of stay in Canada for the student and additional family member(s) in Canada.
  • Funds should be demonstrated in liquid form, in the account under the name of the principal applicant, spousal applicant, a family relative, or a close friend.
  • Medical Exam
  • Police Clearance Certificates