studying in canada

If you’re planning to move to Canada as an international student you’re likely to be curious to know the benefits you can get as an international student. From becoming a part of the most prestigious colleges in the world, there is a lot more to experience.

Here, Will Take You Through the Top Six Benefits of Studying in Canada.

Canada Has Top-Ranked Universities

Over 200,000 top international students decide to study in Canada every year. Because, Canadian colleges are globally renowned for their cutting-edge curriculum, academic guidelines, and safety standards.

Low Unemployment Rate

Canada has a huge number of job opportunities. The country’s universities encourage links to more than 5,000 international collaborations or tie-ups. Thus, it’s not a big thing that over 90% of Canadian students got employment in less than 6 months right after graduation.

Education as a Top Priority in Canada

Canada’s International Education Strategy recently declared its prime objective to increase the strength of full-time international students by the end of 2022. Also, the government of Canada is focusing not only on attracting international students but also retaining them for the long term.

Full-ride Scholarship programs

In Canada, a foreign student is also eligible for scholarships and financial support. However, the funding is not guaranteed and one has to do some research on the eligibility and application process. Many programs offer a graduate attending Canadian university scholarships. One may contact their institution’s financial aid office to understand the possible avenues.

Free Healthcare Access

Most Canadian provinces cover the medical costs of foreign students through provincial health insurance while others are required to purchase private health insurance. Also, many universities offer mandatory private health insurance coverage for foreign students.

Work and Study Together in Canada

If you wish to work in Canada to support your school fees or to get relevant job experience, you can choose to work with studying. For this, the student is required to apply for a Social Insurance Number then they can apply to work on campus or can work up to 20 hours a week off-campus.