International Students

As the new year approaches, many international students are getting ready to begin a new life at a Canadian university. This implies that a large number of prospective international students are considering their admissions at Canadian colleges for 2023.

For foreign students, studying in Canada could be an ideal choice. The country’s 13 provinces are equipped with top-notch education for newcomers. Also, over 50,000 immigrants are welcomed in Quebec City every year.

Why Choose to Study in Quebec?

Quebec is a province in Canada that is known for its culture, linguistics, and historical development. Even though the majority of the population speaks French, not all colleges demand it. Some of Quebec’s most esteemed institutions have a strong English influence. In Quebec, you may find universities like McGill University, Laval, Bishops, L’Universite de Montreal, Concordia, and polytechnic colleges. The province also provides a number of significant student aid programs to international students.

What Next After Graduation in Quebec?

Since only a few nations allow international students to work after graduation, Canada’s Quebec province is one of them. Therefore, every student from abroad should take advantage of post-graduation work permits (PGWP).

The PGWP may be granted when the study program is finished, and it is good for the entire time of the program. It is legitimate for a maximum of three years. In other words, if you studied for two years, you get a two-year work permit; if you studied for four years, you get a three-year permission.

An Overview of PR in Quebec – Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)

A PEQ is a pathway focused on the needs of the student for foreign students seeking permanent residency in Canada. The program is committed to giving Quebec’s international students the chance to establish their lives and professions there.

The province offers a list of courses that will allow international students to qualify for a PEQ:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (university undergraduate)
  • Master’s Degree (and MBA)
  • Doctorate Degree
  • DEC-Diploma of college studies, technical training
  • DEP – Diploma of Vocational Studies
  • A DEP – Diploma of Vocational Studies

Benefits of Studying in Quebec as an International Student

The province offers plenty of benefits to international students. Here’s a few of them;

  • Institutions in Quebec offer affordable tuition fees which resolve all the economic concerns amongst students.
  • The cost of living in Quebec proves to be the lowest in Canada.
  • Availability of a wide range of programs in both English and French.
  • A chance to see the cultural vibe of Quebec with lots of carnivals, fests, events, art exhibitions, and seminars.
  • The only province with post-study rights for both public and private students.