Permanent Residency in Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for immigrants across the world. Every hour, someone sees a dream to immigrate to Canada. The main reason for people immigrating to Canada is the lucrative opportunities, stable life, cultural diversity, and more. Also, the country offers a wide range of immigration programs for students and skilled workers such as PNP, Express Entry, etc.

Canada’s immigration process looks complex, but by getting in the right direction, you can easily manage the process hassle-free. So, to help your Canadian immigration dream be fulfilled, we have created a helpful guide.

The steps will help you understand the immigration process in a better way!

Check your Eligibility

First things first, learn about the eligibility criteria. Canada receives a million applications for student visas, PR, and work permits through more than 100 immigration programs.

Thus, before proceeding with your journey, understand which program is right for you. Then, know the eligibility for the program you have chosen.

Create an Express Entry Profile

After you select your program, the second step is to create an official Express Entry profile. This is an online application where applicants are assessed on various parameters. The process is measured by the tool known as the Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS). Based on these CRS scores, an invitation to apply (ITA) for PR is given by the government.

Gather your Documents

If you have all the necessary documentation, it is easy for the visa officer to assess your application quickly. You might receive a call to submit more documents to prove your authenticity. However, make sure you upload your documents within 60 days of receiving your ITA.

Apply for PR online

Once you have gathered all your documents, it’s time to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.  Before your invitation expires, follow the steps to fill out the form:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click, the ‘Apply for PR under Express Entry’ application

You need to submit all the requested documents in the PR application.

Pay the Processing fees

\After processing documents, you need to pay immigration fees. It is the final step of your application by your side. However, complete your application within 60 days, if you want your process to be smooth and quick.

Give your biometrics

While applying to move to Canada, you must give your fingerprints and a photo of yourself. You can check if your biometrics are valid if you have already given them. Don’t forget to make an appointment ahead of time.

Submit your application

Submitting your application to the right application processing center is the key step in the Canadian immigration process. You can apply for application through online and offline mode. Note, the only online-based immigration program is the Express Entry system, for other programs, you need to either mail or courier your application. 

Wait until you hear back

Usually, the results take a couple of months to process Canadian immigration applications, until then you need to wait patiently for any further notice or results.

Check your application status

Once you have submitted your PR application, you can easily track your application status.

  • Visit the application you submitted
  • Click application status
  • Check the application status

In case you feel any challenges in the application process, you can consult an expert to help you.