Canadian Provincial Nomination Certificate

Canada closely has 80 different PNPs to offer and under each Provincial Nominee Program, provinces in Canada exercise their right to nominate ample individuals and families for immigration. Those who wish to immigrate to the province of Canada need to comply with the eligibility criteria determined by the provinces under PNPs.

As follows, provincial nomination certificates have achieved the tag of the most well-known way to immigrate to Canada. But with multiple provincial nominee programs, each with its own criteria, how can you acquire a provincial nomination certificate?

Provincial Nomination Certificate Process

The process begins with understanding different yet changing streams under PNP and their eligibility criteria, which you are eligible to apply for. The second step is all about submitting an application for the chosen program. Once you are done with the application, you may get a provincial nomination certificate.

Provincial Program Application through Express Entry

The merit of applying to a provincial program with an express entry profile can help you to attain an additional 600 CRS scores. These points secure an invitation for you to apply for permanent Canadian residence.

While the candidates who don’t have any express entry choices may redirect to the ‘base PNP programs’ and thus get access to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

How to get access to a Provincial Nomination Certificate?

In-demand Jobs Streams

Canadian provinces promise to invite experienced foreign workers competent in distinct occupations. Such in-demand jobs in different provinces help workers to fill the vacant positions and for provinces to reply to problems like labor shortages. In-demand jobs in provincial streams are considered to be a prominent way to get a provincial nomination certificate.

In-demand jobs provincial streams are Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand, Ontario Human Capital Priorities, or Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream

If the candidate has a valid job offer and is able to locate an employer with a similar provincial nominee program, he is eligible to get a provincial nomination program. In addition, it is the most desirable option for those who don’t possess an express entry profile. They can also apply under these job offer streams and gain entry into the global market.

Job-Offer Streams

Job offer provincial streams are Nova Scotia Skilled Worker Ontario Employer Job Offer

Student Streams

Candidates who had the advantage of living as students in the Canadian province are eligible to have a provincial nomination certificate. If the candidates don’t have any such student experience program, they may start wondering to find a school and eligible program in Canada.

Examples of Student provincial streams are British Columbia International Graduate or Manitoba International Education

Enterprise Streams

Many provincial streams in Canada aim to propose nomination certificates to aspiring and big-league individuals who wish to run a business in a Canadian province. The only condition is to hold business experience at a managerial level with a net worth mentioned in the eligibility criteria.

Business streams provinces in Canada are British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream or Ontario Entrepreneur Stream