Proof of Canadian Citizenship

A proof of Canadian citizenship application must be submitted to the Canadian government in order to find out if a person is a citizen. A person born in Canada, a person born abroad to Canadian parents, or a permanent resident who has attained Canadian citizenship can all receive a certificate proving their citizenship.

A person’s legal standing is referred to as their citizenship. It is possible to become a citizen of Canada either by birth or through the naturalisation process. If an immigrant meets specific requirements and settles in Canada, they may be entitled to apply for naturalisation and get Canadian citizenship. For many immigrants, receiving Canadian citizenship is the last stage in the immigration process.

There are plenty of reasons why Canadians would want to pass on their citizenship to their children who were born abroad. They include the chance to reside and work in one of the world’s most developed and secure nations or to own a Canadian passport that enables visa-free travel to well over 100 nations.

Process to Apply For a Canadian Citizenship Certificate

Those with a Canadian-born parent who are uncertain about their eligibility for citizenship typically submit petitions for evidence of citizenship. Also, such applications are made by either the children themselves or by Canadian parents on behalf of their children who were born abroad.

  • Proof that at least one parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of the child’s birth is required by the IRCC.
  • It is crucial to stress this fact because, at the moment, only Canadian parents who have acquired citizenship by birth or naturalisation are eligible for citizenship by descent in Canada.
  • Citizenship by descent holders in Canada are not permitted to pass on their citizenship to their offspring unless the offspring were born in Canada.
  • Applications for proof of citizenship may be submitted online or on paper.
  • The application will cost the Canadian government $75 CDN in total.
  • The application is then checked by IRCC to make sure it is complete. After that, you’ll get a receipt acknowledgment.
  • If your file is complicated, IRCC might need to get in touch with you for more details or supporting documentation.