Canadian PR

Canada welcomed the greatest number of immigrants ever last year, and immigration is responsible for around 75% of the country’s population growth. According to projections, immigration may account for up to 30% of Canada’s overall population by 2036, an increase of 9.3% from 2011 (20.7%).

Permanent residence in Canada plays a significant role in immigration to the country. In all of Canada, there will be eight million permanent inhabitants as of 2021. Additionally, Canada dedicates an entire three-year strategy known as the Immigration Levels Plan to forecasting how many permanent residents (PRs) it hopes to accept during that time.

Recent Talks Around PR in Canada

Teaching prospective immigrants how to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents is the central theme of the debate that dominates the topic of PR in Canada. Whether it be through immigration under the family or economic classes, there are definitely numerous ways to achieve this goal.

How a PR can Lose Their Permanent Resident Status in Canada?

Someone who has established themselves as a permanent resident in this country may experience this for a number of reasons:

  • If they have acquired citizenship in Canada;
  • If it has been shown that they did not fulfil the PR residency requirement;

In general, permanent residents of Canada are required to fulfil a residency requirement that calls for them to spend 2 years here out of every five years.

  • If a removal order has been issued against them;
  • If the person’s order for refugee protection has expired;

Authorities may find that a Canadian PR who entered the nation is here illegally for a number of reasons.

  • The Canadian PR has freely reaped the benefits of their nation of nationality’s defence;
  • They consciously obtained their nationality once more;
  • They now have the protection of the nation of their new nationality because they have obtained a new nationality;
  • They have voluntarily returned to the nation they previously fled in order to apply for refugee status in Canada; and
  • They no longer need protection for the reasons they did.
  • If their approval of a refugee protection claim has been revoked;
  • If a person’s request to relinquish their status as a permanent resident is granted.

Effect of Losing a Canadian PR Status

Depending on the reason a person’s permanent residence status was terminated, different actions must be taken after losing Canadian PR status. It can be challenging to comprehend the specifics of permanent residence in Canada. However, hiring an immigration attorney can greatly simplify matters. Why? Because:

  • Experts in immigration law can assist with application preparation;
  • They make sure candidates apply error-free;
  • Message the Canadian government on behalf of the application;
  • Utilize their knowledge to cut down on unforeseen delays during the various application phases and application processing.