Latest Canada Immigration News March 12, 2024

Canada sees January immigration surge, poised for a record year

Canada’s immigration got off to a robust start in January, with a 28% increase in new permanent residents compared to December, totaling 47,660 arrivals. However, this figure is slightly below the numbers recorded in the same month last year. The projected immigration for 2024 based on January’s levels is 571,920, a 21.3% increase from the record-setting 2023 figure of 471,550. Ontario was the top destination, hosting 46% of all immigrants in January, with economic programs contributing 60.5% of newcomers. Quebec and Atlantic provinces also experienced significant monthly growth, with Quebec’s immigration rising by 60%.

Canada unveils Nursing Retention Toolkit to tackle healthcare worker burnout

Canada addresses challenges faced by nurses, including stress and burnout, with the launch of the Nursing Retention Toolkit program. Focused on eight core themes, the toolkit offers initiatives for employers to improve retention, aligning with the country’s efforts to recruit healthcare professionals through immigration programs. The federal government’s $200 billion investment in healthcare, announced in last year’s budget, includes support for worker retention and recruitment. Ottawa commits an additional $86 million to 15 projects, streamlining foreign credential recognition for approximately 6,600 internationally-educated health professionals. The funding targets critical occupations like nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, laboratory technicians, and respiratory therapists, facilitating virtual exams for midwives before arriving in Canada.