Canada Issues 746 PR Invites in Latest All-Program Express Entry Pool

Express Entry Pool 2022

Published on December 22, 2021

Canada is back on track to allow immigrants from across the world to settle in the country. On December 22, the federal government invited 746 candidates from the Express Entry pool. All of them had already qualified for a PNP program, with 600 points added to each CRS.

This time, the minimum score for the all-program draw stood at 720. The previous draw also had a high minimum score of 698, but the PNP candidates had no trouble achieving it.

The draw saw Canada invite candidates who qualified for the FSWP and STP. One year has passed since the last draw as Canada put immigration on hold for the coronavirus. Overall, the IRCC conducted 11 all-program Express Entry draws since March 2020.

However, the IRCC didn’t invite any candidates from the Canadian Experience Program (CEC). It wants to work on clearing the backlog of candidates before moving on to new immigrants. Therefore, it was working with candidates inside the country who were already temporary residents.

In the coming days, IRCC will again work to create a blend of immigrants like in the past. It will also allow new immigrants to come to the country. Additionally, programs like Atlantic Immigration Pilot will turn permanent in the next year.

The number of Express Entry Pool invitations is far higher in 2021 compared to the previous year. IRCC sent out 19,563 invitations in 2021 for PR under 35 Express Entry draws. All of the candidates were ready with a PNP qualification.

In the case of CECs, the number of draws stands at 27. They allowed 133,868 candidates to seek permanent residency since COVID-19.

Canada is putting an effort to expedite the immigration processes. It will help countless people waiting to come and settle in the country. As we get back to normal, immigration in Canada will flourish once again.


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