Ontario Employer Job Offer stream had to be closed on the same-day as opening

Ontario Employer Job Offer Stream had to be Closed Same Day

Published on July 26, 2020

Ontario decided to accept applications to their Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream on July 21. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) expected that many users would access the portal in order to submit their applications. They said that they might place the users in a priority queue. If the candidates see that they have been queued, they should not consider it a technical error. The system will automatically prevent people from submitting their registrations if the limit has been reached.

All the candidates applying for this particular stream had to access the OINP e-Filing Portal from the government’s webpage. The OINP suggested that candidates should not use a mobile phone to complete the process. The government webpage made it clear that the entire process could take about three hours.

The Foreign Worker stream had also been opened for a day earlier this year. The window to apply opened and shut down on the same day. Candidates who wanted to use this pathway for attaining permanent residence had to prove that they had a job offer from an employer in Ontario.

How did it turn out?

As it happens, the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream reached its registration limit within a few hours after opening. Ontario has said that further registration for this stream is now closed.

Changes to the form:

The OINP had asked applicants to submit their latest version of the Employer Form. The application would be returned as incomplete to candidates who failed to comply with this rule.

Applicants who submitted their registration in time will have two weeks to finish and submit the application. They can upload an up-to-date Employer Form during this  period.


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