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 Job Assistance Services


BetterPlace Immigration will assist you with the following services after obtaining a Canadian permanent residency.

1. Best-suited Job relevant to your work experience
2. Visibility on all Professional Platform
3. Resume Drafting Assistance
4. Video Interview Practice Sessions
5. Online Access multi-media assets to help you best prepare for the Canadian Job Market
6. Access to Counselor Support to Answer Your Questions via Email or Chat


Canada is the ideal as well as the most desired country to get permanent residency. The immigrants from across the globe apply for PR in Canada to enjoy the rights, privileges, and benefits of being a permanent resident of Canada. It’s a massive country by area and economy that comprises tremendous opportunities and facilities for the locals as well as immigrants.

A Canadian permanent resident status is given to the person who has immigrated to Canada and living and working in Canada with similar benefits of a Canadian citizen.

On the contrary, a person who is in Canada temporarily, like a student or a foreign worker, is not a permanent resident and will not be benefited from the numerous Canadian governmental privileges.

Permanent residency (PR) status is allotted to the candidate after a careful analysis of the candidature; the PR status of an individual demonstrates to potential employers that a person is legally eligible to work in Canada and has been vetted by the immigration authorities and determined to be qualified for Canadian citizenship should the individual decide to apply for it after a prescribed period of time living in Canada.

Canadian permanent residency means you are entitled to live and work in Canada with the same freedom and rights as any citizen. You don’t have to look for a Canadian job offer and put forth the extra effort of obtaining a new work permit. Additionally, PR rights is also granted to your dependents, which is not in the case with the temporary work permits.

Please note that applying to a strong position in a company and seeking a job position can be an intimidating process for the immigrants thus it is best advised to seek professional help so that you’re being guided towards the job profile that is best suited for you based on your credentials. Immigration experts have in-depth knowledge about the employment status and prospects in Canada, and thus they can help the applicant positively in every regard.

Express Entry Job Pool

This is by far the most reliable way of conducting a job search in Canada. The Express Entry job pool has a massive database of employers who are looking for the right candidate to fill up vacancies in their companies. You would not only have the benefit of conducting a verified job search but also be able to access top-notch employers who are looking for international talent to work for their organization. Additionally, if you are selected by a company registered in the federal job pool, then your employer will also submit an application for your immigration from his/her end. No doubt, this would be a massive benefit to your immigration profile. This pathway is best-suited for professionals with extensive work experience.

Therefore, we will check your eligibility for the express entry system, and if you are found eligible, the RCIC will draft a strong Express Entry profile for you. Furthermore, our Immigration experts will provide you with a personalized assistance to help you with the complex process of Canadian permanent residency application and then assist you to landing the best-suited career for you. We will teach you insightful job searching techniques and offer to you support services to write your resume, improve your interview skills and expand your network of professional contacts. Our experts will also get you the access to the Government Job Bank that will provide you with a specialized service that sends you job postings.

Let us help you in making Canada your new home


There are consultants who’ll ask for unnecessary documents and absurd fee for immigration programs. However, these people were spot on with the required documents and had a competitive fee. Eivy was always available on phone and emails and she understood the issue with application and guided me accordingly.


Manish Kaur, Civil Engineer, India


Why Canada?

In Canada you can fulfill your career aspirations, enjoy a high standard of living and a good quality of life, live in a democratic-free society, live in safe communities with low crime, live in a clean and healthy environment, have access for free education for your children, have access to free healthcare services and so much more.

How to start?

Complete our registration form. Our experts will review your information and determine whether you meet the candidacy requirements or not.

If you meet the requirements, you will be assigned with a Personal Account Manager who will contact you to provide you with a comprehensive overview about the offered services and register you to our Immigration Setup Package.

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