How To Find Out Whether Your Canadian Representative Is Authorized Or Fake BetterPlace Immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada approves more than hundreds of immigrant applicants from authorized Canadian representative each year. Only certain people are allowed to represent and speak on your behalf for your immigration application.

More About The Authorized Canadian Representative

Here are the duties of an immigration and citizenship representative:

  • They help you choose the best program for you based on your situation and profile
  • Give advice and explain the citizenship or immigration options
  • Fill and submit the citizenship or immigration application
  • Communicate with the immigration authorities and the government of Canada on your behalf
  • Represent you in citizenship or an immigration hearing or application

However, note that your application will not receive any special attention or guaranteed approval when you hire an immigration consultant or lawyer.

Who Can Act As Your Representative?

There are two types of representatives, namely authorized such as lawyers, consultants and notaries and unauthorized, which consists of family, friends and other third parties who don’t charge fees.

Check If Your Authorized Canadian Representative Can Legally Represent You

You must never use the services of those members who are not in good standing. You can check the authorization of a consultant you hired by searching on ICCRC’s find a professional page.

Prevent Yourself From Fraud

Beware of representatives who advertise their service as free but later ask you to pay up or advise you to alter or lie on your application. Moreover, it would help if you avoided representatives offering elaborative schemes like high-paying jobs, guaranteed stay in Canada or free accommodations.

Check the credentials to make sure they are members of the organizations mentioned above.