Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a comprehensive Immigration Setup Package that is designed by our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). In which, we will start with gathering your profile information that is relevant to the evaluation process. Then, Our RCICs will evaluate your profile to scrutinize whether you meet the requirements to complete the immigration process or not. Further, this process takes place in the following two phases:

1. Credential Optimization

During the evaluation process, the RCICs may provide recommendations that optimize your credentials under one immigration program or more, in order to obtain the maximum score in each program. When applying as a couple, the RCICs will also determine the identity of the main applicant. 

2. Determining The Best Immigration Strategy

Once the evaluation results are final, and upon positive results, our consultants will contact you once again to discuss the best immigration strategy according to your qualifications and as per the RCIC's recommendations.

Documents Required for the Profile Evaluation

1. A comprehensive CV (Curriculum Vitae) with a detailed job description, skill set, achievements, educational background, personal background, work experience, personal details such as age, marital status, DOB, country, address, phone number, email id & Objectives.

2. And, preferably a scanned copy of your passport or any other government-approved photo id.

There are several sets of requirements to apply for the Canadian immigration process. Following are the conditions to get your application processed for the evaluation:

1. One age must be between 25-45 years (we may consider the requests from older/younger candidates upon meeting the other requirements)

2. Moderate to high-level proficiency in official languages of Canada, English or French

3. Bachelor/ Graduate degree or higher level of education

4. At least 1 year of relevant work experience in the last 10 years

5. Stable Income

6. No criminal record

7. In good health to apply for Canadian immigration

To start the evaluation process, please fill out your personal details in our evaluation form. Once you have submitted your initial profile information along with your current occupation and language level, you will be redirected to a short form in which you will be required to provide more information.
After submitting the information successfully, our experts will review your information and determine whether you meet the internal requirements or not.
If you meet the requirements, you will be assigned a personal account manager that will contact you in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the offered services and register you to our Immigration Setup Package.
ICCRC (‘Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’) is the national regulatory body authorized by the government of Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to safeguard consumers. IRPA requires anyone providing Canadian immigration advice or representation for a fee or other consideration to be a member in good standing of ICCRC.
Members of ICCRC are known as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). Each RCIC must complete an accredited training program, an exam set by ICCRC, and high entry-to-practice requirements. They must then meet annual professional requirements that include additional hours of professional development as well as mandatory courses developed and taught by ICCRC.
Visit ICCRC Official Website at

RCICs hold the ‘know-how’ and most up-to-date information to make sure the process is being handled correctly, quickly, hassle-free and according to regulations.

The RCICs have in-depth know-how of optimizing your credentials, determining who should be the main applicant and the right way to pursue.
If you have applied an immigration application, only the following may join you in your relocation to Canada:
1. Spouse (married couple, common-law partners and same-sex partners)
2. Dependent children who are under the age of 22 (of both applicant and spouse)
3. Dependent children of dependent children who are under the age of 22
4. Children over the age of 22 will be required to submit a separated application.
5. Applicant's parents and other blood relatives cannot be included in the main application, meaning they will need to submit a separate application (as long as they meet the governmental requirements).
Yes, definitely we can help you with the best-suited job opportunity after attaining a Canadian PR. We will be assisting you with the following services:
1. Best-suited Job relevant to your work experience
2. Visibility on all Professional Platform
3. Resume Drafting Assistance
4. Video Interview Practice Sessions
5. Online Access multi-media assets to help you best prepare for the Canadian Job Market
6. Access to Counselor Support to Answer Your Questions via Email or Chat

The cost of the immigration consultation is $3000.

This does not include 3rd party (IELTS/ECA/Medical/Police Clearance) or government fees.

BetterPlace Immigration is a private website and it is not affiliated with the Canadian government. Our immigration services are being provided by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and Immigration Quebec.

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Amidst the concerns and unpredictable nature of COVID-19, we wanted to let you know about the actions we are taking.

BetterPlace Immigration’s highest priority is the well-being of all employees and customers. We are continuing to work hard to fulfill all commitments and promises while delivering high-quality services that we are known for.

We know that you are also facing hard times, and want to help you out in moments of distress with proactivity, creativeness, and most importantly, the strength to succeed.

Our Sales, Account Management, Legal, and Support remain 100% available to help while following the government’s instructions.

If there is anything we can do during this time to assist or support you, please do not hesitate to let us know. We remain dedicated to you and your success during this trying time of rapid change.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and follow the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Please reach out with any questions.

Maintain social distancing, stay safe, and be well.