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Family Class Sponsorship

Did you know that under the family class sponsorship program, if you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and at least 18 years old, you may be able to sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada. 


You may sponsor your spouse, partner, dependent children, adopted children, parents, grandparent or a relative to come to Canada to live as permanent residents. 


Canada recognizes the importance of family renunciation; it is very generous in its family sponsorship program. After all, what can be more important for a newcomer than to  bring their loved ones  with them to enjoy their new lives together.


A. Sponsoring a Spouse/Common-Law/Conjugal Partner


The process of sponsoring a spouse or partner might seem to be very simple. You might think all that is needs to be done is if to sign some official papers and then you wait for approval from the government.


However, applicants should be aware that even though there is no point based award system and neither your career history nor your language proficiency is being evaluated, the government official does evaluate your relationship to ensure that it is genuine and real.


Immigration officials will do their best to assess your case and consider any relevant cultural practices from the country or rejoin you are from. Nevertheless, there are always “red flags” or indicators that may cause immigration officials to suspect that your relation is not genuine but rather a  “marriage of convenience.


It is important to know what can be considered as “red flags” and how to deal with them best. It is important that you prepare and submit be best application to convince CIC that your relationship is genuine.


You should also note that applications involving spouse who are living is countries of lower socioeconomic development often invites extra scrutiny from immigration officials.


Dependent Children or Adopted Children can be included in this application as long as documented proof is provided.


B. Sponsoring Parents or Grandparents


Canada understands the importance and value of having your loved one close to you. As such CIC, has a program that allows you to sponsor your parents and grandparents to come live with you as permanent residents.

The requirement for sponsoring your parents or grandparents is that you must show you have sufficient income for a period of 3 years preceding the date of application.


The proof of income must come from documents issues by the Canada Revenue Agency. The minimum income required depends on the family size you will have including the people you are sponsoring.


Please note that there is yearly limited quota on these positions and demand is always very high. That being said, it is extremely important that you prepare and submit you application as soon as possible.

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Luis Pedroza, Electrical Engineer, Mexico


Why Canada?

In Canada you can fulfill your career aspirations, enjoy a high standard of living and a good quality of life, live in a democratic-free society, live in safe communities with low crime, live in a clean and healthy environment, have access for free education for your children, have access to free healthcare services and so much more.

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