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As of January 2015, Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced a new online system to manage application for permanent residency under certain economic programs. This new system is called the Express Entry System.

The goal of the Express Entry system is to allow CIC to expedite application processing time in an effort to secure the best immigration candidates.

If you are considering applying for permanent residency under one of the following programs, the new Express Entry system will be for you:

With the Express Entry System, an electronic profile of the applicant must be prepared and submitted to CIC.  We can help you navigate through this process and submit the best profile for you.

CIC will then assess and rank your profile amongst other applicants profiles in a pool. Your assessment and ranking will be based on:

  • English and/or French language skills;

  • Education;

  • Work experience; and

  • Other factors that have been shown to help newcomers prosper in Canada.


Top ranked profiles would receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada.

The government’s objective is to process most applications for permanent residency within six months or less. (This period starts on the date they get a complete application and ends on the date a final decision is made on your application for permanent residence).

If you are ranked amongst the top profiles and you are invited to apply for permanent residency, We will walk you step-by-step in preparing this application and submitting it to CIC.

Let us help you in making Canada your new home


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Why Canada?

In Canada you can fulfill your career aspirations, enjoy a high standard of living and a good quality of life, live in a democratic-free society, live in safe communities with low crime, live in a clean and healthy environment, have access for free education for your children, have access to free healthcare services and so much more.

How to start?

Complete our registration form. Our experts will review your information and determine whether you meet the candidacy requirements or not.

If you meet the requirements, you will be assigned with a Personal Account Manager who will contact you to provide you with a comprehensive overview about the offered services and register you to our Immigration Setup Package.

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