Demand Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

A job opportunity in Canada can be a reason for your immigration to Canada. But understanding which type of in-demand job (skilled or unskilled) is for you as a Canadian immigrant, is important to know.

Blue & Pink Collar Jobs Classification in Canada

Blue-collar jobs specify manual labor that includes skilled and unskilled positions. Pink-collar jobs refer to the service industry that includes positions like receptionists, sales clerks, retail clerks, servers, and nurses. This classification helps immigrants in planning their employment experience for future settlement purposes.

Canada National Occupational Classification (NOC)

Canadians use the NOC system to classify in-demand jobs for immigrants based on the types of duties, work, and salaries they do offer. According to this classification, the following major occupational types are-

  • Skill Type 0/Zero: Like mine managers, restaurant managers, and shore captains, these are management-level positions.
  • Skill Level A: Jobs at the professional level, such as those in dentistry, medicine, and architecture, that call for a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • Skill Level B: Technical positions, such as skilled trades, necessitate formal education through an internship or a college degree. Chefs, electricians, and plumbers are among the occupations.
  • Skill Level C: Positions at the intermediate level that call for specialized training or a high school diploma (long-haul truck drivers, industrial butchers, and food and beverage servers).
  • Skill Level D: Jobs in the labor force that require on-the-job training include cleaning staff, fruit pickers, and oil field employees.

 Blue Collar In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

  • Driver- NOC Codes are 7511, 7521, and 7452.
  • General Laborer -NOC Code is 7611.
  • Welder – NOC Code is 7327.
  • Electrical Engineer – NOC Code is 2133.
  • Mechanics – NOC Code is 7312.

Pink Collar Job (Registered Nurse)

Nursing, which falls under NOC Code 3012, is a highly sought-after profession that gives permanent residency in Canada to those who apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program or the Provincial Nominee Program. among the nursing categories are:

  • Nursing Consultant
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurse (Mental Health Nurse/RPN)
  • occupational health nurse/ nurse researcher
  • Medical Assistant
  • Community/Public/Emergency Nurse
  • Nurse in Critical Care

You can apply for direct immigration to Canada as a nurse through the PNP/express entry immigration programs or by receiving a job offer. Along with all the advantages of a Canadian PR, like free healthcare and education, social security, and safety, nurses also benefit from an attractive pay package.