Canada Introduced New Work Permit Program for Graduate HongKongers

Canada Immigration for Skilled Workers

Published on February 6, 2021

Graduates and skilled workers from Hong Kong will now have access to a new permit introduced by Canada exclusively for them. This open work permit is one of the first immigration measures that Canada is supposed to take for Hong Kong residents this year.

The residents of Hong Kong will be able to submit their applications for a Canadian open work permit from February 8. Hong Kong residents who are interested in this permit should consider the eligibility requirements.

It is mandatory for them to have completed their graduation in Canada or have an equivalent foreign credential. This could be a post-secondary degree or diploma, but the latter should be two-year program at the very least.

How to apply

The Hongkongers who manage to secure this new open work permit will be able to gain valuable professional experience in Canada. Having work experience makes it easier for people to submit immigration applications in Canada. For example, the Express Entry favors candidates with work experience in some cases.

Hongkongers who want to apply for the permit from outside Canada currently should be eligible for travel exemption. Getting a job offer even before applying can prove to be a huge advantage. They will have to meet all the public health requirements once they land in Canada. Hongkongers who are already in Canada as temporary workers or students will be able to apply for the permit virtually as soon as the program opens.

Canada is planning to introduce two more permanent immigration pathways exclusively for Hong Kong residents. They are set to launch later in 2021.


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