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Canada is home to the greenest pastures for investments in businesses and start-up ventures by entrepreneurs from around the world. With its Business Immigration programs, the Canadian government works towards encouraging venture capitalists, investors and entrepreneurs from overseas to explore their nation’s business climate.


The Canadian government is on constant lookout for people with considerable business acumen and available venture capital to help bring more jobs into the economic landscape of the nation. Canada has a highly skilled and educated workforce ready to take your business to unprecedented heights of profitability and innovation.


Canada is a thriving entity in the industries of agriculture, energy, technology, services, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. With strong public support for R & D and foreign investment in all business sectors, Canada only seems to be climbing the global market as a burgeoning economic superpower.


Here are some provincial programs to help you establish your business in Canada:

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Program for Business allows Manitoba to bring to itself qualified business investors and entrepreneurs from around the world who have the intention as well as the necessary acumen for starting or purchasing businesses in Manitoba.

British Columbia PNP Entrepreneur Immigration is a means to immigrate to Canada and settle in B.C. for innovative entrepreneurs who are willing and able to support economic growth in the province.

Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Category allows you to start, acquire or partner in businesses in Saskatchewan and manage them while you settle as a resident in the province.

Quebec Investors Program is a business immigration program where you can invest in a business of your choice without having to establish or actively manage the business in the province.

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Why Canada?

In Canada you can fulfill your career aspirations, enjoy a high standard of living and a good quality of life, live in a democratic-free society, live in safe communities with low crime, live in a clean and healthy environment, have access for free education for your children, have access to free healthcare services and so much more.

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